Iodake Sanso Group Activities

Peak Hunting (Spring - Fall)

Go peak hunting, traversing the ridgeline visiting each peak one by one.

Nature Viewing (Spring - Fall)

Pretty alpine plant viewing, bird watching, viewing wild animals/butterflies, etc.

Ice Climbing (Winter )

Ice climbing: Natsuzawa Kosen area.

Majestic Cliffs (Spring - Fall)

Feel the thrill of the alpine zone’s majestic cliffs, rocky outcrops, and chain-guided cliff-face while enjoying amazing views.

Snowy mountain climbing (Winter )

Snowy mountain climbing (using ice axes, crampons, and stocks): mainly Mt. Iodake and Mt. Tengudake.

Hot springs (All seasons)

Hot springs (Natsuzawa Kosen, Honzawa Hot Spring, Karasawa Kosen, Shibunoyu, Inagoyu, etc. Heaps to choose from!)

Primeval Forests (Spring - Fall)

Subalpine zone forests and verdant primeval forests covered in lush green moss.

(At an elevation of 2,500 m and above, Mt. Yatsugatake is classified as being within the alpine zone. The forest line is located at the same elevation)

Snowshoe Trekking (Winter )

Snowshoe trekking: mainly Mt. Neishidake and Natsuzawa Pass.

Photos & Sketching (All seasons)

Take photos or sketch the views while enjoying the activities above.
  • Iodake Hut

    Iodake Hut
  • Neishidake Hut

    Neishidake Hut
  • Natsuzawa Kosen

    Natsuzawa Kosen